Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Total Body Fitness with Diet and Exercises

Most of the fitness or weight loss programs are almost entirely based on changing your diet or nothing else. If they do promote exercise, they tell you all you need to do is walk 30 minutes a day or work out for 3 minutes. This is fine if you have a medical condition that does not allow you to do anything else, but for the majority, this is not enough.There have been many studies conducted regarding weight loss over the years and these conclusions are always remaining same. A proper diet, together with weight training will outperform diet alone, or diet with aerobics every time.
Change Diet
Aerobic Exercise
Lift Weights
It will not only be helpful in losing the fat, but also increase muscle at the same time, and ended up completely transforming the body into something which will make you happy with.And you will be able to do the same because weight lifting system is the best way to lose fat, gain muscle and maintain your results for good.Heavy weight lifting and pills for reducing weight or exercise of specific body parts to reduce the weight from the specific area are not helpful to reduce the weight but they will even make the body bulky and huge having big body muscles.
Exercise Benefits
Weight loss and weight control
Strengthen muscles
Strengthen heart and respiratory muscles
Lower LDL [Bad Cholesterol] Levels
Raise HDL [Good Cholesterol] levels
Lower the risk of heart disease
Lower the risk of diabetes
Reduce high blood pressure
Strengthen bones, tendons and ligaments
Help boost self - image and self esteem
Lower the risk of cancer
Improve athletic performance
Slowdown the aging process
Drastically change physique
Muscle tone and definition
Helps relieve Stress
Increase the Bodies ability to use stored body fat as energy
Increase the Bodies ability to utilize more oxygen

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